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Alana created an honest, supportive and encouraging environment that enabled me to relook many of the things I thought or did and in the process gain different perspectives. Alana had an in-depth understanding of the corporate workplace and she helped me discover how my own personality fits into the work environment. Many of the coaching exercises that she gave me have become useful tools both in the workplace and beyond. She has helped me in my relationships with others and most importantly in my relationship with myself. I have discovered and connected with my true ‘voice’ and I am a much more confident and self-aware person for it.

Senior Manager: FNB Investment Product House


I have worked with Alana for more than five years and I have been struck by her expertise, integrity and insight. I have no hesitation in recommending Alana to anyone who wishes to tap into their potential.

Absa, Talent Management


The coaching experience I received from Alana has had a profound effect on me and my leadership skills and I truly believe I am a vastly improved manager as a result. This is undoubtedly due to the combination of Alana’s experience, skill and style. She was thoughtful and empathetic, yet at the same time had a no-nonsense approach, pushing me on the issues I was least comfortable with and did not allow me to avoid addressing these issues.

MD, Digital Marketing Services


Alana uses a combination of techniques to gauge an individual’s current capabilities and areas for improvement. Working very closely with the individual in a process of self-awareness, she is able to provide well thought out recommendations and guidance on development areas. I have always found the coach to be very professional and highly recommend her as a coach.

Absa Head: Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Africa


Two months into my coaching with Alana, my manager remarked on my visibly changed attitude and assertiveness. As a result, we rolled out Executive Coaching to all members of the Exco at our company. The aim was to align the individual needs and expectations to the needs of the company in a more effective way. We also needed an avenue for our leaders to become aware of their development areas, and to help them grow and develop within our organisation, while keeping the company values and the company’s strategic objectives in mind. The Board of Directors complimented my manager for this initiative, and fully supports it!


I highly recommend Alana to anybody in need of some clarity, some direction and some unlocking of their potential. The coach has a very kind, friendly, nurturing approach that puts one at ease immediately. Her professionalism is remarkable!

Manager: Business Support, Digby Wells Environmental

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